During the month of August, PICK YOUR OWN blueberries fresh from the bush at our farm at 4648 OTTO RD, Charlotte. This is the only location where we will be offering UPick blueberries. You can also get them pre picked in the farm market or at one of our many farmers’ markets (web link to the sub page listing you market times and locations).

The varieties available to pick change throughout the season, but include Jersey (sweet berry formerly at our old Upick patch), Nelson (bigger than Jersey, but not as sweet), Elizabeth (as sweet as Jersey and bigger) Bonus (big berry), Liberty (sweet/tart), Draper (sweet/tart). Price is $2 per pound for Upick at the farm. Call or email for pre picked pricing and to see current availability for pre picked varieties. Frozen blueberries are available throughout the fall once picking is over.





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